Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Entry

This week was actually a very good week for me. It was really boring, but good because I wasn’t sick or anything. All I did on Monday was go to practice. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I had good days at school and then I went to practice. My practices this week were not very good because I was still recovering from being sick. At first I felt really weak in the water, but then I started feeling better and better each day. A lot of people are getting sick right now so I hope I don’t catch anything else. One of my friends from swimming has caught something. She threw up during practice on Monday and then she missed the rest of the week. She couldn’t keep anything she was eating down. She had to go to the hospital and the doctors couldn’t figure out what she had that was preventing her from eating. It was really bad, but she says she’s feeling better so I should see her tomorrow. Basically everyday was really boring for me, but my dad had an interesting week. He has been traveling for business over the past week and he had to go to Durango, Mexico. Durango is not a very nice place at all. Apparently, there was a prison riot about half a mile from the hotel he was staying at. There was a lot of traffic on the roads because families were going to see if their loved one’s had been killed. Around twenty people were murdered. There was also probably a lot of traffic because in Mexico, prisons don’t supply food or clothing for the prisoners. That’s the family’s job. After his eventful day in Durango, he got to stay in Mexico City, which is much nicer. He said it was really big and kind of reminded him of Los Angeles. Then, he flew up to Seattle, and my mom met him there on Friday. While my parents were out of town, my grandparents came and stayed with me and my sister. They invited my great-aunt and great-uncle to come down from South Carolina and visit too. On Saturday, we all went and saw a movie. My grandpa and uncle went and saw The Book of Eli and me, my grandma, my sister, and my aunt saw Leap Year. Leap Year was entertaining, cute, and funny, but it was really predictable. Then, on Sunday the Colts were playing, so that was the main event of the day. My grandparents came from Indiana and my whole family is from Indiana, so we always want the Colts to win. There was a lot of yelling when they did win. I almost forgot about Friday too. I got to get out of school early on Friday for the North Fulton Championships swim meet. We left school at one-thirty and went to Dynamo to do a nice, long warm up, and then we ate lunch ate a teammates house. Then, we went to the meet. I did well, so Friday was a good day.

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