Saturday, January 23, 2010


This weekend has been really fun and surprisingly so. Friday afternoon I was informed that someone very close to me is now living in Colombia full time. I know on some level that this is what’s best yet that doesn’t change that I am going to miss her. While it is true that I trust everyone on some level there are few people I trust as much as I trust her. KyVa’s now very permanent absence from my life is something that I am not sure I know how to handle with grace. Even though I know that I will someday see her again the very real fact that it won’t be anytime soon is what hurts the most.

My grief seemed to consume me on every level Friday afternoon and I wasn’t sure I would be able to perk up enough to attend the surprise birthday events that Sarah and I had planned for our friend Stephanie. It wasn’t until around 5:30 that I cleaned myself up and decided to go see, “He’s Just Not That Into You” at Lambert High School and then to celebrate with friends from both Johns Creek and Julius Caesar.

The show itself was, to be honest, Deadly theater. I am glad to say that I have not worked with the director of this play before because from what I could tell they had little understanding of what good theater is. The show was like watching a series of scenes in drama class, the lights would go off after each scene and the crowd would give an uproarious applaud after each one as a sign of respect; then after they were done clapping they would burst into a cacophony of chit-chat while they waited for the succeeding scene. That was worst part, though, waiting through each lengthy scene change; some changes lasting longer than the actual scene itself. The acting proved to have potential but the set pieces were so massive that the actors had twice as much to compete with; vocally and aesthetically. Sadly enough the actors I assume were not wearing microphones and as a result many of the words were lost in the celling of the theater far from where any patron was sitting. While I was bias in my enjoyment of the actors in the play; I can honestly say that just like the movie the play left me disappointed.

I know that it may not make sense that seeing a crappy play would make me happy but it did. My mood was countered by the play and then lifted by the wonderful company of very fun people. After the play many of us went back to the Stipe’s house where fun is a given every time you walk in the door. Strangely enough I met a very peculiar boy who despite his obsession with himself was a great party guest and kept all of us entertained the entire rest of the evening; making up for what the play lacked.

I am genuinely glad that I went last night. Despite the grief that I can’t seem to shed, I am glad to know that for a few hours this weekend I was lucky enough to have my sadness replaced with joy.

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