Monday, January 18, 2010

My Fun Weekend

This past week really was not fun. I had a swim meet last weekend and I felt really terrible during my races and I had a headache. It was not a good weekend. I felt bad Monday morning as well, so I came to school after third period. The next day I felt even worse so I left school early, and then I didn’t come on Wednesday. I didn’t go to the doctor at all, but I felt terrible. Everything hurt at the same time. My stomach was burning and I had a headache for five days straight. It was awful. I know a lot of people who have had those symptoms in the past week, so there must be a bug going around. Also, because I was sick, I missed almost an entire week of practice which is the worst thing that could ever happen. I thought I was feeling better Thursday, so I went to practice, but I felt terrible afterward. Then I couldn’t go for the rest of the week. My coach wasn’t mad at me, which is good, but it’s kind of a scary thing when you have to miss a week of practice right in the middle of the season. Now I’m worried that my end of season meet will go terribly wrong. I am looking forward to my end of season meet though. Even if I do badly it will still be awesome. I’m pretty sure I’m going to a meet in Austin, Texas, at the University of Texas. It’s going to be a pretty big meet with some really awesome swimmers there. There will probably be at least a few Olympic swimmers there. Also, it’s a team travel meet and we’re flying there, so that will be awesome. I’m pretty excited for this.
On Saturday night, I went to go see Julius Caesar and I really enjoyed it. It was fabulous. I didn’t know what to expect though. I’ve never been to a school play. The only productions I’ve been to were Wicked and Hairspray in New York. I didn’t know how entertained I would be because I’ve only ever seen musicals, but it was fantastic. It was funny, dramatic, and serious all at the same time. It was very well executed also.
On Sunday, because we didn’t have school today, I hung out with some friends from Swim Atlanta and then we all slept over at one of their houses. First we went to dinner at Chili’s which was really fun. We talked a lot, and one of my friends is hilarious, so we were all laughing and talking really loud. The people at the table directly behind us kept looking at us and giving us dirty looks. It was kind of hysterical. Then, we all went to Rita’s and got some custard. We all got the same exact hot fudge sundae. It was really good. Then we all went back to our friend’s house and we stayed up really late talking and watching movies and snacking. I had a really good time. This is probably the most enjoyable weekend I’ve had in a while.

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