Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home from school

Today I went home sick. Why? Well for the obvious reason that my health is clearly not up to par, and has not been since Saturday. So today I went for breakfast (yumm doughnuts and hot chocolate) and then got to school and realized “hey, it’s like 115 degrees in here, this is not too comfortable”. Of course, then it got to be -20 and I was like, “hmm, a jacket would be nice”. It was about when the quizzes were handed out and I couldn’t even think that I realized it would probably be best to go home. Sadly, AP Physics is my second period class and I figured if I skipped that, I would never catch up. The entirety of physics I was just like WHAT IS GOING ON and then I finally went to the clinic and was like “hey there, I’d like to leave” and so I did. And now I’m at home. While everyone else is at school. And I’m quite bored, yet rather delirious.
Thankfully, I am not as delirious as I was on Sunday night, when things just got crazy. That was pretty bad and the repercussions have yet to be fixed. Or are they? No they are not. Or maybe that was Monday? Yes, it was Monday as a matter of fact. Sunday was pretty bad too though.
So I get home and my mom’s like “why are you here?” and then she starts talking and is like “well hey there Julia, as long as you’re home you should practice for the SAT!!!” and I reply “YEAH MOM THAT’S EXACTLY WHY I CAME HOME SURE I WILL!!!!!” but what I really said was “sure” and then I went in my room and fell asleep on the floor.
Quick side note: my floor is actually a whole lot more comfortable than my bed. See, I loathe my bed and have asked my parents numerous times if I can just throw it out the window. Sadly, each time the proposition is brought up they simply give me an odd look and say no. My bed also squeaks with the slightest movement. This is quite a problem. You know what else is an even bigger problem? I don’t have enough money to buy the fourth season of The OC!!! Yesterday, I had 5 dollars. Today, however, I have less than two due to my purchase of superfluous doughnuts which I did not even enjoy and ended up giving away.
So, anyway, I woke up from my nap on my very comfortable floor and figured I could start on my homework, review for the SAT this Saturday (apparently if I don’t break 2100 the apocalypse will occur), or take another nap.
Now, my intentions were good, for I went to the computer to go on because my mother was present, but then I felt sick again so I went back to my room and took another nap, although this one was slightly less comfortable because it was on a chair.

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