Sunday, January 24, 2010

Journal 01.24.10

This week was a crazy week for me; it never seemed to end. Usually during the morning, I stay in the library with my friends to chat or do homework, but this week I didn’t even have time to go to the media center. There wasn’t a specific important something that I had to do or attend to, but it just was a busy week. Especially with the whole AP decisions I had to make, I felt like my head was about to explode. I think I have never thought so deeply about my classes ever in my life. I wasn’t sure what is the right choice to make; it was a worry that I had stuck inside my head. There isn’t a right answer I can get, so it is even more difficult. I don’t have an older brother or sister to get help from, so I went around asking all the older people I know about what are the good classes to take. Their answers were usually completely different from each other, making me even more confused. Their usual answers were “it depends on what you are good at and what you want to be.”
The main thing in my mind that made me feel like I was busy was the AP classes, but I did have many things to do. Another big schedule I had were the two orchestra rehearsals. Two rehearsals in a week are pretty demanding; it seems easy but with the rides and the waiting time, it takes up a lot of time. Additions to that, so many club meetings were scheduled for this week; I came to school early every single day of this week. With the morning starting tiring, the whole day felt busy and tired. The tiring mornings and my mind filled with worries about the AP classes, I felt like this week was the longest week of this school year. Going around getting the signatures for approval was confusing too. I would ask one teacher for a signature and he or she would tell me that they are not in charge of that subject. I had to ask five people to finally get the room number for the AP computer science teacher. But the moment I got the last signature for the approval and turned in the golden sheet into the office, I felt the weight lifting off of me. My biggest worry was gone and it was also a Friday lunch period.
Even though this week was a busy week, I feel like it was a nice time to look back at what I have done so far during my high school years and what I want to continue or stop doing. I feel like I am a bit left behind thinking about my future in my junior year when most people have their mind made to what they want to do and which college they want to go, but I am a positive person who thinks ‘at least I am thinking about my future.’

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