Thursday, January 21, 2010

FIrst Week BLog because couldn't post

All week I have been doing workouts. On Mondays we do lower leg exercises. These include leg lifts where we go out side ways, which are scissors, up and down, six inches, and 90%. After these we do thirty crunches, which get hard after a couple reps. Then we do super mans. This is when you lay on your stomach and reach up and send your arms and legs out and back then layback down. Usually you do around 12 of these. After this core work you go to the bar bell benches. You do a back squat exercise where you put the bar on your shoulder behind your neck and squat down 12 times per a rep and do three reps. The next exercise is when you put the bar back on your shoulder behind your neck and a foot on the bench and squat down on one foot doing the same number of squats.
Towards the end of the lower body exercise you have the walk of death. You take a 45-pound dumbbell or bar and do 4 lunges towards a certain direction and once you do four lungs you do five squats. You repeat this till you reach the other end of the weight room and then do it again back to the side you started on. Tuesday and Thursday we had upper body workouts. Usually you start with core work as usual. Then you bend down on a bench and take a 20-pound dumbbell and lift it with your wrist while holding your arm straight on the bench. This helps strengthen the wrist and help you throw faster. Then you bench press and lots of people bench different weights. I bench 225 pounds for eight reputations. Later you do dumbbell presses with you lying down on the bench. I use 85-pound dumbbells. It’s suppose to snow tomorrow night so I hope we have no school Friday and maybe half day tomorrow. Forsyth County already stated they are having a half day tomorrow. Why does Fulton always have school and Forsyth always gets time off?!?!?! My dad says its because Fulton has class and gives a actually education. Well we had Friday off and it was sooo much fun. I slept through half of it and got up at one in the afternoon. I went out for lunch at Discovery Mills with a friend and walked around. There are no good stores there so I did not buy anything. The mall is really just to go see really weird people and laugh at them ha ha. I also had the classic stumble on ice then fall flat on my butt. It hurt and I got a bruise on my pinky and hurt my arm. My arm is fine now but the pinky’s nail is cracked in multiple places and still blue and black. Tomorrow I have flight school. I am probably going to practice landings and take offs. Radio calls and remembering what to say and when to say it is really hard to learn but once you learn them they are not so bad. Understanding what the Control Tower says is hard as well.

In class we have been talking about sexism a lot. Some of the debates that have occurred really got interesting in class. Mainly the most heated debate was the difference between man and woman. I think men and women are necessarily the same and have the same number of differences to even out between them. Sports tend to be a major topic used when discussing the differences between men and women but if you think about it; both men and women have sports that are labeled as a man or woman sport. Men tend to prefer more physical sports such as football or hockey. Women tend to play Volleyball. There are sports that both sexes play such as Golf, Swimming, Diving, and Tennis. So on the alternative, there are more sports that both man and woman play. There are also different sports that are similar such as Softball and baseball. There are only tiny different changes between the two sports. This weekend, well really Thursday night but since we had no school Friday it turned into a weekend assignment, we had to read a story about a Chinese girl who’s aunt committed suicide. The aunt had a baby with a man other than her husband who was away working for a long period of time. The lady is human and obviously at a certain point got very lonely. It is not right to cheat on her husband but it is common in history for this occurrence to happen. The actions by the villagers and neighbors were completely unnecessary. They destroyed everything she owned and left her with nothing. She had to go have her baby unassisted and alone. It must have been very painful for her. There are questions that develop in the readers mind about why the people only targeted the woman and not seek out who the father was in order to give him the same punishment. This is not fair at all and the man could have been in the crowd destroying the life of the woman he made love to. He deserves the same punishment that was given to the woman because he probably knew that she was married. This is horrible and hopefully not occurring today. In class we also started doing allusions instead of word of the day. I am not sure if I prefer word of the day or allusions. Some of the allusions so far are pretty straightforward but I need to learn who says or writes them and where they come from. Other allusions are weird and mean something completely different than what I guessed they meant. I had problems understanding some of them at first because of the long explanations Mr. Glenn gave us but eventually I figured out what we had to remember. Hopefully in the future the allusions will be more understandable and easier to remember or write down.

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