Saturday, January 23, 2010

yaa...i don't know

I, again, am drawing a blank on what to write about right now. I’m watching the Jersey Shore season finale right now and it’s pretty ridiculous. I can not believe they actually paid money to endorse this show. However, it is one of my guilty pleasures. As stupid and unnecessary I think this show is, it is actually really hilarious. It’s more like laughing at them, not with them, though. I can not imagine what the parents of these people must be thinking when they watch their spawn fist pump in a club basically naked. Then again, they probably did the same thing in their guido or guidette days.
I feel like recently I’ve had a lot of pressure put on me. I brought up the subject to my parents that I wanted to graduate early and since that point it has been going down hill. It always seems to happen that when I mention something my parents get so into it that it makes me not want it anymore. They constantly push me and this time it has almost gone too far. As much as I want to leave high school and as hard as I have worked to get to where I am, I’m beginning to think that staying for senior year might not be so bad. A year to slack off before entering college might be nice. I’m afraid that if I leave early and join the real world before I absolutely have to that I might regret it and wish I had waited. I only need three one semester classes to graduate and I think that coming here for a full year next year might be a waste of time. I will basically just be babysat for five extra hours. If I stay, I plan on taking a bunch of art classes and maybe an extra science because I think I’ve finally decided what I want to do with my life.
Right now I just woke up and I don’t know why I am up. It’s only ten thirty on Saturday morning. That’s just great. I have to work in a couple hours but I also have a ton of reading and studying to do. I have not even looked at the word press yet but I am a little scared to find out how long those carver stories are. These blog entries are not half as bad as the five page journals were. This is nice because I can literally sit down and write two of them in thirty minutes. Except right now it is a little frustrating because I still have sixty three words to write. It’s going to feel like a lot more probably. Jessie’s car alarm just went off outside my house. Guess she is here after Saturday school. Thirty three more words to go and I do not know what to write about! Oh never mind I guess it was not her alarm. I’m bored because these journals are hard when nothing has happened to me recently.

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