Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not Liking Allusions : }

This week I practiced baseball a lot everyday. IT was a really stressful week too. I had a quiz in AP US History Friday. We have a quiz like this pretty much every week and it SUCKS. There is a lot of note taking that goes along with the quiz. The quiz is open notes every time, well sort of open notes. She hands the quiz out and we start doing it, then when everyone is ready we get our notes out for two minuets. This quiz was about the reforms and….. stuff like that. I don’t really remember. Anyway, there were a lot of books and essays we had to learn who wrote them and what they were about, which is hard as heck. There was names such as the Jungle. The name is about environment but really the book is about California workers struggling against the railroads. I don’t remember the author but that’s were the open notes comes handy. We also had to learn the 16th, 17th,18th, and 19th amendment. Since your reading this we should have a student teaching teacher moment, shall we? The 16th amendment was the ability of the government ot tax income. The 17th amendment was the ability of direct election of senators; this is where the citizens elect senator candidates instead of the candidates being selected by a party boss. The 18th amendment allowed women to vote (this made women really happy). The 19th amendment is probably the most hated legal document in American History and caused the biggest crime wave ever, the banishment of alcoholic beverages. Men liked drinking, plain and simple. Well men are boys and boys tend to like not listening to rules. We all have broken rules and did something when we told not to, even you. Well maybe not you, but I HAVE!!! I tend to enjoy doing things people tell me not to sometimes because there reaction is funny. Well I do that if the action isn’t really bad like a friend telling me not to tickle them or something like that nature. O! My favorite is to hug a friend after sports while I am sweaty and they tell me not to. Hold on, let me check my word count. Ok I am 1/3 way there. Baseball tryouts are coming up. We have this clinic ran by Grand Slam Sports Center. This center is near Chattahoochee High School down States Bridge Road. There is like 8 to 10 cages inside it. There is also this virtual golf thing where you hit a ball against the string and the picture shows your ball going down a golf course on the screen. It is pretty cool but totally random. I am pretty good friends with the people who work there and I have a hitting and fielding couch there who I take lessons with. I have known him for a long time. One thing that was really fun was that over winter break I took time off from baseball. My couch realized I had not been in for a long time and texted me asking when I was coming in. I had just scheduled a lesson before he texted me. WHAT PERFECT TIMING! Anyway, I told him I had a lesson in a hour. He though I changed to a new couch and asked with who. I sent back ummmm with you. He said O OK COOL. It was funny because he really freaked out.

This week we read a short literature piece named The Yellow Wallpaper. Well, it wasn’t exactly short in my standards but was probably really short for you. Anyway, it was just plain creepy and weird. The lady was mentally depressed and was very audacious towards her husband’s recommendations to not write. There were moments in the writing that made me imagine the scene she was describing or a action she was doing. The literature piece meant to show how she was getting better through working and writing, but I had other thoughts about her mental condition. Before we discussed the piece and I read the last page about why she wrote it, I believed she was getting worse and worse as she wrote. The last scene with her creeping around and locking herself in the room made me think she completely lost it. The woman in the wallpaper is believed by our class to be her reflection. The women she sees walking outside is also believed to be her reflection by our class as well. I can see how this can be perceived but I also think that a reflection off of a wall with fungus, torn wallpaper, and bite marks is highly unlikely. The medical condition she has is mental based. I think she is seeing things and thinks she sees a person. The window reflection is more likely to happen but if you analyze the chances of it and where the room is based, you can see that it is not likely. The room is the highest room in the mansion meaning if you were not close to the window, you would not see the ground mostly likely. A classmate said she probably saw herself creeping on the ground because she was doing it herself and saw her reflection. In order to see her reflection near the ground she would have to be close to the window and she would probably not be creeping when she was this close. My conclusion is when she was looking at the ground she had to be sitting at the window, she described herself setting at the window in the text multiple times, while looking at the ground and due to her mental state, she sees hallucinations of a women creeping around the area. Overall, the reader of this text cannot be certain if what she is saying is sane or insane. The mental state of the narrator is completely unpredictable. With further study of the history of the author, we learned she killed herself. This knowledge creates doubt that she was any better after the three months at the mansion.

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