Sunday, January 24, 2010

Journal 1/25/10

On Friday, I was so excited for it to finally be the weekend, but it seems like it was over before I knew it. This is the first regular length weekend after having MLK Day off, so I think that partly contributed to the problem. I'm getting tired of the weather being so crappy on the weekends. It seems like during the week the weather gets progressively nicer until it peaks on Friday, preparing for the weekend clouds and rain. That type of weather really puts into a negative mood; partly the reason for me wanting to go to college in California is to avoid such days. This week all the soccer players have to attend mandatory conditioning after school before tryouts next week which is really annoying considering the fact that I am probably extremely under-prepared for the physical beating ahead of me. I need it though. My conditioning is very poor right now and I need to get into much better shape to play better. Sustained running isnt really that bad for me, but its the continual sprints that really take a toll on me. I am really looking forward to the season though because as a junior, I'm going to be playing a big role on the team and as a first-year school I'm interested in how well we will do. I definitely think that we have enough talent to produce a winning season.
I went to dinner with my friend this week and we planned out our trip for spring break and I cannot wait for that time to come. Last year, a bunch of friends and I got a big suite down in Panama City, Fl and we had the time of our lives for a week. This year is going to be twice as fun though because were going to get to do more stuff since we proved that we could be responsible on last year's trip. We are going from the third to the tenth, a full week. The bad news is that I have to pay for a majority of my trip which means I got to start saving up now. I was looking at a calendar and I am going to get 5 paychecks from now until spring break. I should be able to average around two hundred dollars per paycheck so if I can save at least half of every check I should be able to fund the trip accordingly.
I just watched the Colts v. Jets game and was surprised that Mark Sanchez performed as well as he did. Now the Saints v. Vikings is on and I'm pulling for the Vikings just because I want to see Manning and Farve match-up in the Superbowl. I'm not taking away from what Brees has accomplished this year, but I just think that would be a heck of a game. I'm not that big of a football fanatic, but I always like watching a good Superbowl game, especially with all the good commercials. To me, I think that Budweiser always makes the best commercials. Every year they never fail to entertain me during all the breaks of the game.

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