Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blog for this week because couldn't post

This week was very stressful. In math we had to learn this new Calculus based material. Before we even started learning it the teacher was like now guys this is going to be the hardest chapter this year so if you need help come in before or after school. Well the first two days it was not to bad and we were starting to get our hopes up but when the third day hit us, we all had question marks above our heads. One homework assignment we did one night took over two days to go over in class. The hardest material in the chapter involved proving one side of an equation equals the other side by eliminating and changing things. These are not normal equations. It would look like SIN/CSC=TANCOS. Why did somebody years ago have so much time on their hands they came up with this stuff? The quiz for it was on Friday. Everyone was freaking out over it, including yours truly. I studied a lot for it going over homework problems and one day I went in for a help session before school and went back after school to work with the teacher. For some reason I think I learn better with one on one teachings. I guess I pay closer attention or do something differently than what I do during a class. I have always used help sessions to my advantage and use them around teat or quiz times to prepare. I usually go in for science or math because they can get a little complicated. Anyway, the quiz was easy for me and I finished it in 10 minuets. After the quiz everyone was saying how hard it was and how they failed. When they asked what I thought about it I said I thought it was easy and finished it quickly. I went over my answers a couple times since I finished so early and turned it in. There was 30 minuets of class left and I got so bored. I had Flight school a lot over the weekend. Saturday I was going to fly but due to the weather I could because I fly VFR, which is visual fly reference so due to the rain blocking my vision I couldn’t. Instead of flying I just did ground school. We went into the flight school building and just sat down in a classroom. We went over radio communications and what to expect in weather reports and what things meant in the report. I also learned why my type of plane tends to turn left due to it being a propeller driven plane. The radio communications are hard to learn because you need to know what exactly to say and when to say it. There are certain phrases you need to say around an airport. There’s one before you move from your parking sport, one for crossing a runway, one to enter a runway, one to take off, one to go near an airport, and multiple ones for landing. When you go to an airport without an air traffic control tower there are all those plus even more ones you need to say in order to operate at that airport. Flying Monday was perfect and had barely any turbulence.

In class we read a story about a vegetarian who became a meat eater gradually. She started being a vegetarian in college. She did it more based around financial and health benefits and not due to political or personal beliefs. Lots of vegetarians are that way believing that we cruelly kill animals for food. The character in this story really meant to save a few bucks and help out her health. The doctor was dumbfounded when he saw her health reports. I was happy she was not one of the vegetarians who live around the idea of fighting about animal cruelty because I do not think human society cruelly treats animals and kill them for no reason. The beef we eat are from cattle raised for slaughter. We did not just randomly go out in the wild and capture cows. We preserve wildlife now and protect animals from death. They really need to get their facts straight. Sure we do kill animals for food but we do it to survive just like our ancestors did before civilization. We kill life to survive. What is interesting is how she became a meat eater. She was at dinner with her friend and tried some marinated chicken her friend ordered for the both of us. This shows how people around us can manipulate us to try new things. There was no evidence of her friend pressuring her into trying it so she probably just did it under her free will. The simple event of her friend ordering the chicken for the both of them changed how she lived. If I was her I would probably not last being a vegetarian because of the true sacrifices vegetarians make. How the Italian people offered her special sausage and how she had to turn them down was unbelievable. I could not do this because the people did this for her to show friendship and hospitality. I could not turn them down even if I hated the type of food they were offering. The story about drugs we read was really weird and confusing. The author seemed to blame government for the drug addictions in the world today. The author says all the high prices and everything around illegal drugs is caused by the government and drug dealers. AN interesting statement is that the national government and drug dealers want drugs to be illegal. All the jobs for the government department fighting drugs would be lost and all the revenue brought in from capturing and fighting drugs would be lost as well. If drugs were made legal and easily accessible drug prices would go down making drug dealers unhappy. Although I do not personally agree with this essay I do understand some of the points it puts forward and see that they are reasonable.

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