Sunday, January 31, 2010

To further my outside education, I had the opportunity to take a trip the High Museum of Art. This is most likely one of my favorite places in Georgia now. After touring the many winding halls, I ended up in the wing displaying the DaVinci works. These classic works were displayed from every free space imaginable. They showed everything from free sketches to full on life size paintings. These works from such a classic, iconic artist were so exciting to see in person. It really made me wonder about what it would be like to have a life of such prestige. The effect these masterpieces had on my own painting style was immense.
After wandering through the classical works of DaVinci and other traditional artists, I found myself in the strange world of modern art. These certain pieces of art are very unconventional and at most times very confusing. With some, you could not tell what the artist was trying to communicate. With others, it was hard to be convinced that the piece in question was actually real art.
At some of these pieces, I found myself confused and slightly angry. I wondered how an all black canvas with a yellow line through it could even be considered as art. The museum lost some credibility, I think, with these pieces. There was absolutely no talent what so ever in creating these so called works of art. A blind two year old could do the same thing pretty much. I really did not understand how such a prominent art museum could let that waste of supplies hang on its walls.
Moving on from that kind of modern art, I found myself in the halls of the sculptures. These combinations of cement, marble, metal and other, less conventional materials held my fascination for the longest time. Finding different angles on the work lead to impossible new creations and views for a single piece. The way you can find new shapes and unintended visions within the delicately formed twists and turns entertained me for quite a long time.
When I finally pulled myself from the sculptures I found myself in a strange place. The walls were covered in paintings and other such art works but I couldn’t determine which category it would fall under. It was in this hall that I found all of the impressionistic artists. This was probably my absolute favorite hall. These artists were a pleasant mix of strangeness and extreme talent. I found the most interesting works in this hall. From far away a scene would be portrayed beautifully, but when you approached to take a closer look, one would find the painting consisted of messy dots and squiggles.
After spending many hours looking through the winding halls, it was time to brave the icy winds and rain to make it back to the car. On the whole trip back home, I had a lot of fun debating the different pieces and discussing favorites. The weekend was greatly improved by the trip to view the different kinds of art. I’m very sure I’ll be back again soon.

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