Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whatever I want entry

This weekend and week was unnaturally uneventful. What I mean by this is that typically my weeks are REALLY uneventful, but this one was even more so, which I never thought possible. Monday (MLK Day), I played soccer at Webb Bridge Park with a few friends and then I played basketball at the Falls of Autrey Mill. While I was playing soccer, I got into a fist fight with one of friends which was…interesting ( I know I look like I would get rocked in a fight but I managed to hold my own). This was really the only eventful day of the week. Tuesday, I woke up feeling like crap so I was like “screw this I’m not going to school” ( I still woke up early to do my journal for this class though which sucked. It was my fault though. I was too lazy to do it the night before). The whole day I spent cooked up at home. I actually regretted not going because literally an 30 minutes after I did my journal I felt completely fine- my fever had gone away along with my tremors and even felt more energetic then I had the previous day. Too bad for me, it was already to late because my mom had gone to work so I was home alone with nothing to do. Wednesday, I went back to school…sweet. I honestly don’t even remember what happened Wednesday because it was just another day at school. I do remember going to conditioning after school though which sucked because I still felt like crap from the day before. I managed to do alright though. Thursday, I really don’t remember either. Again though I remember conditioning do again ( the most painful part of my day). It was the day that I totally screwed up my hamstring during sprints. My hamstring was already screwed up but now it’s even worse which blows, because mandatory conditioning starts tomorrow and that is literally going to eat me alive. I don’t know how I’m going to play soccer because as of right now, with this hamstring, I can barely keep a light jog without it bothering me. Friday sucked too because nothing happened. After school though, I played basketball at the Falls again which was fun Then me and my friends went to eat at Chik-Fil-A. Then, my mom called and she was really pissed off that I hadn’t called her to tell her where I was so she informed me that she wanted to get hurry up and get rid of me for the weekend by sending me to my dad’s house. (This happens everyone other weekend at least in this divorce). So my mom proceeded to come and fetch me from Chik-Fil-A…sweet. Yea so maybe Friday was more eventful than I thought but not in a good way. Saturday, I spent at my dad’s house doing nothing of course…great. Today, to top it all off, was probably the worst day yet. Because of the rain, I did absolutely nothing. Like you do not understand what nothing means- I sat at home and watched T.V. and played with my iPhone…the whole day. Then a friend came over to study for physics. Pretty crap week.

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