Saturday, January 30, 2010

stresstresstresstress YEAH

First off, the ACT is next weekend and I think it is very cruel and pointless to force me to take it in the midst of so much work. Especially when I know nearly nothing about it, just that there are 5 sections and it includes a little bit of Trig. Why is the ACT necessary anyway? Maybe the United States should be a bit more like say, Japan, and have only one chance to take these standardized tests. Then again, that would only cause more stress, and apparently lead to an increased suicide rate, so this may not be the best solution.
As I sit here writing, I’m also kind of freaking out, actually, I’m really freaking out. In about 30 minutes the culmination of nearly 8 months will occur. I’m so scared to see what’s to happen. Let’s just hope that bribery pays off and luck is on our side. Oh, this was just a downright awful idea. This is just not good. This is like that time Death Cab for Cutie covered a Phil Collins song and the result was not so fantastic. It just wasn’t. Why? Well, because DCFC is just not too great. I mean sure, they had one or two great albums, and a few wonderful songs, but no. Ben Gibard (if that’s how you spell his name..) is rather whiney and should probably go to the gym more. That is all.
What is even worse than the ACT and DCFC combined, however, is the looming Physics test, which I will be taking Monday morning without any idea what I am doing. I suppose my weekend, which has hitherto been wonderful, will end sadly and stressfully with angry music and analyzing circuits. Five hundred words on nothing. Well, yesterday I had quite a bit of queso and ice cream. I also had a bit of pizza. I also met some interesting people. This paragraph itself is interesting, if you haven’t noticed.
This synthesis paper is pretty much the longest I’ve ever written. I don’t like long papers; I tend to write long and unnecessary sentences, with an onslaught of comas, but hey, that’s what you get if you assign something with more than a 1000 word count. Tough.
I have become quite fond of what my friends who listen to it call “gangsta rap”. Yes, yes, I know, “but you’re not gangsta at all!!” Well I’ll have you know that when it’s a rainy and nasty day (as it has been as of late) Ciara and I are inclined to take a nice ride throughout Johns Creek blaring 95.5 and raving. We tend to receive rather odd looks, but we’ve been perfecting dancing will driving and are able to do so quite efficiently. On a related note, neither of us have ever crashed, and the phrase “oh, wrong pedal” has only been uttered 2 or 3 times.
You know what a good song is? “My girlfriend’s dead” by The Vandals, mostly due to the clever concept and the cute whistling in the beginning, and so on that note I will start on my class entry.

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