Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Sister, Big Sister

This is the first year that I wasn’t with my sister on her birthday and to make up for it we spent the weekend with our Aunt Bec. For her birthday we did cupcake arts and crafts, had a hot tub party, and watched some really sucky movies. It wasn’t anything totally extravagant, that not the kind of girl my sister is, but it was definitely a lot of fun. We watched Bright Star, the movie about John Keats, and it was absolutely one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It was so slow I literally talked with a friend on the phone for an hour of the movie and when I returned hadn’t missed anything. We also watched two of the Bourne Movies though which totally made up for it, Matt Damon is so B.A!

Meghan’s favorite part was the cupcake arts and crafts though, which totally makes sense because Meghan loves food and pretty much loves anything that pertains to food as a side-effect of her obsession. The cupcakes were actually okay but I’d have to say that decorating them was the most fun. I can definitely rule out all artistic careers from my future now because if there was any hope before I’ve given it up after last nights decorating events; while I thought even someone like me could draw a heart on a cupcake I learned quickly that I was wrong. I have a new found respect for all food decorators now, it’s a very hard job.

Over the weekend I remembered how easy it is to forget how important people are to you when you don’t see them everyday. There was a moment this weekend where I was getting ready to go somewhere and as I was entering my room and getting my stuff, my sister popped up from the bed where she’d been hiding under the covers. At first I was completely terrified but when the shock had worn off I realized that it was one of the best moments of the entire weekend because it was a total sister moment. While it’s hard for people without siblings, and even some with, to understand how easy it is to hate and love someone at the same time I am constantly aware that my relationship with my sister is centered entirely around our desire to annoy and care for the other. I forget sometimes that she’s growing up and that she’s not my “little” sister anymore. It’s weird because were only two years apart but growing up I guess I always just felt like she was a baby and couldn’t really comprehend anything but as I talk and watch her now I realize that she can comprehend and understand things that sometimes even I can’t.

There is nothing normal about my sister, she’s the weirdest person I know and I mean that in the most loving way. If it weren’t for her insanity I would be totally normal in the most average meaning of the word.

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