Sunday, January 24, 2010

Other Entry 1/24/10

Jay Barden
This week was a very good week for one reason. It was a four day week. The weekend was fun except for the fact that I had to take the SAT on Saturday. I think that I did exceptionally well on the test. Right now I am watching the Vikings vs. Saints game and Adrian Peterson is putting on a display on how you should play running back. He is beast among men on the football field. I hope that the Vikings win the Super Bowl because I think that Brett Farve deserves another ring for all he has done for the National Football League.
The Super Bowl in my opinion should be the Colts versus the Vikings. That we be a matchup of two outstanding quarterbacks. It is nearing toward the end of January and people are already making plans for Spring Break. I have to play baseball on four of the Spring Break days, but hopefully I will be able to go onto vacation the other four days. I plan to Panama City. I feel that I did very well on the SAT. In my opinion the hardest part of the test is understanding some of the vocabulary words. Some of those words you just have never seen before. The easiest section on the test in my opinion is the Writing section. All you have to do is write a well performed essay and use ten SAT vocabulary words and you should get a good score. The multiple choice writing part is composed up of the easiest questions on the test. It is so easy in fact I think that a third grader could do it. However, the essay makes up a big portion of your grade so how you do on the essay, is usually a sign of how you are going to do on the overall writing section.
In two weeks, I have baseball tryouts and baseball season begins. Sometimes when you have been in an offseason for a sport, it seems as if that sport’s season will never reach you. However, baseball season is finally about to start and I am very excited about it. We will have a varsity team and play a normal twenty six game schedule. I am looking forward to my junior year of high school baseball and then my summer team after high school is over. My summer baseball team is called the East Cobb Longhorns and we are pretty good. We will be playing in a lot of tournaments this summer in which many college scouts will be at. They are looking for stud athletes that they will be able to use in their high school program. I hope that I have what it takes to eventually, one day play college baseball at either the division one or division two level. Those are the only two levels of college baseball that offer scholarship money. A dream come true for me would be either to play baseball at the University of Georgia or Georgia Tech, however that is highly unlikely because the best athletes in the state play baseball there.

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