Sunday, January 24, 2010

Preparing for College

So I started SAT Prep today. It’s not the class you take in school, it’s a tutoring place I go to that prepares you for the SAT and the ACT. I’m actually excited about it, which is weird because who gets excited about learning- I don’t normally. I guess I’m just more excited to learn how to take this test, hopefully do well on it, get a good score and ultimately go to UGA. That’s my dream and goal for college-UGA- and I will not settle for less. That’s the only school I wanna go to and that might be a problem. Well I guess not really because I have to the potential to go there I just need to work hard towards that goal and really set my mind to it. It’s extremely easy to get over whelmed with all this college business, but once you get going in the right direction and you have somewhere there helping you reach your goals and making sure you’re doing the right things them it takes a lot of the load off your back. This is what my SAT/ACT class is doing for me. The teacher know I want to go to UGA and he’s is going to do everything possible to get me there. He assures that I’ll get in early referral and that makes me feel better about my life, and a little less stressed.

I don’t really understand the SAT/ACT. How can one score that you take on a test determine so much about your future? Some people just really aren’t test takers, but are really smart people. I think it’s stupid and that the College Board should fine some other way to access people and their knowledge. Each year colleges are getting more and more competitive, and it just puts so much more pressure on kids in high school who already have so much going on their lives. They’re still trying to figure out who they are and now they’re having to decide their future with college, and their tests scores on one test decide that. But I guess it does make kids really apply themselves and set goals for themselves knowing that they have to do well. Lucky me that I picked the hardest school in UGA as my number one and only school I want to go to. I don’t know any other school I would want to go to. I have to stay in state because of money, but I could get instate tuition for other schools but I wouldn’t even be able to tell one other school I am interested in. I’m going to a college fair tomorrow at Northview so maybe that’ll be able to give me some other ideas about schools other than UGA. But UGA is my goal. It’s been my goal from freshman year; I knew that’s where I wanted to go and I’m going, I’m going to work hard and I will make it.

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