Saturday, January 30, 2010

Class Entry

Nothing really pops into my head when I think about this past week in class but I better come up with something because I am only at about thirty words…. ok I think I’ve got something. I find the daily allusions really interesting. I have yet to completely grasp the idea and the point of the allusions but I probably will eventually. I miss the word of the day. Expanding on my vocabulary was really helpful when it came to things like writing papers, taking the SAT, and last but not least, feeling and sounding smarter. I never really used those words in my daily conversations but they were good to have in my arsenal to pull out whenever I deemed it necessary. Now that we have allusions instead of words I feel deprived of my daily dose of scholarly vocabulary. Famed author J.D. Salinger died this week so Mr. Glenn gave us two allusions from his novels. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye is probably one of my favorite books. I read it last year for Language Arts and unlike most novels I read for school, I actually enjoyed this one. I don’t really know why I liked it so much but when I read it I was at a time in my life when I could relate to Holden Caulfield.

For the most part, the readings from this week were good. None of them were super memorable but I don’t recall any of them being awful. In her essay “Safe Sex Lives”, Meghan Daum basically says that people can go out and have sex with whoever they want because there is not a high risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. She talks about how the media makes it seem like there is a good chance you will catch HIV or AIDS if you have sex but Daum says it is hard to take the necessary actions to protect ourselves because we don’t completely know all of the risk factors. It is pretty obvious to me that sex education in school and all of the anti-sex advertisements out there are not working. Whether it is on television or in the real world, teen pregnancy is everywhere. From The Secret Life of the American Teenager to the new Lifetime movie The Pregnancy Pact and MTVs 16 and Pregnant, we see young girls having sex and ultimately, having a baby without realizing the consequences that come from these actions. The last thing on kid’s minds when they have sex is catching a STD or getting pregnant. Even with all of the advertisements out there against sex, kids will be kids and do whatever the heck they want to do because that is the society we live in and there is nothing anyone can do to change it. Well I have almost reached the end of my entry. I still have to go do my second draft for my paper which I’m not really looking forward to considering I don’t really remember what my paper is about or any of the sources I used so I better go refresh my memory of that. In the words of Holden Caulfield, sleep tight ya morons!

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