Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week Blog

This week I had a lot of baseball activities. Tuesday we had workouts and did upper body exercises. We did maxing out on bench press where we see how much we can lift. I did 280lbs. I was really happy because last year I couldn’t even do 225lbs. Tuesday workouts was really fun and everything we did was really chilled out and not really hard. The trainer joked around with us and we didn’t really break a sweat. Wednesday on the other hand was EXTREMLY brutal. We did stadiums, which is horrible at Johns Creek because our stadium has literally a million steps in it. I think whoever designed it didn’t think about the students running up it and put as many steps as he could fit in it. The stadium here probably has twice as many steps as Northview’s does and twice the amount of rows of steps too. We did exercises where we run up one row doing every step, one exercise where you sprint up skipping steps which seems easier then doing every step, and another where you sprint half way and jog the other half up. Well sorry but got to tell you the rest we do on our lovely stadium so here you go. Another exercise we do is you start at the bottom doing jumps up and down on the first step for a period of time then she yells go and you sprint up, another is when you jump up each step half way and sprint up the other, and then we finally did centipedes where you go up and down every row in the stadium twice. Then we do haha just kidding that’s all we did. After I did the workouts I went to Grand Slam and hit balls with my hitting couch. His name is Jarrod and is really cool and jokes around a lot. He was my summer couch for JV baseball at Northview. We won a tournament at Allatoona High School. That tournament was rough and we played some hard teams but in the finals the team we played was REALLLLYYYYY BAD. We were like are you joking?? The catcher from the other team had a hilarious voice and a old guy in the stands kept saying stuff like, “NOW YALL GO AND HIT THEM BALLS NOW YA HEAR???” Being young teenagers and adolescents we immediately started cracking up every time he talked. This weekend was literally horrible. Friday I studied for the SAT all night and went to bed at 10PM. 10PM ARE YOU KIDDING!!! ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!!! The SAT wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The only part I had trouble in was fixing grammar mistakes. Hey Mr. Glenn we should work on that in class! Please? The math was way easier than I thought it would be. Today I signed up to go to school in Costa Rica where I can go to class in the morning and dive in the afternoon. All day today I had to work on homework and this project for AP US History. I completely forgot about writing this for the blog so now I am stuck here writing this. Well now time to talk about class stuff.

In class we talked about the life of a handicapped person who preferred to be called a cripple. She is suffering from MS. This disease is horrible and I would hate to have it. The problem with it, besides that there is no cure, is that it is highly unpredictable. If you took two different patients with MS, one might end up with completely different outcomes and changes compared to the other. The ultimate effect that is common in all patients is fatigue. It was touching to read how she use to play hopscotch and walk through the woods and now she can’t even do her favorite things. I would be horribly crushed to lose the ability to walk or do daily activities. It would drive me nuts to not be able to move my legs or have to depend on others in certain occasions to do things. We also took this quiz over her story. I fully read but did horrible on the quiz, which is not fair at all. A person next to me didn’t read and she just wrote her name on the quiz and handed it in blank which was kind of funny but I would have at least guessed on things even though I would have probably gotten it wrong. The questions were hard and unfair but that’s ok Mr. Glenn, I forgive you J. WOW WORD ACTUALLY MAKES SMILEY FACES DIDN’T KNOW THATJJJJJJJJJJ ok back onto class subjects. Friday we went to the drama room and did this activity around handy capped people and MS. We had to crawl to one side of the room using only our hands. Once we got there we had to write our name with our left foot. I actually wrote decently with my foot. Maybe I need to write my next essay in class with my feet, just plop my foot up on the desk and start writing a genius essay, nobody should mind right? We also drew self-portraits with a body part instead of our hands. I just my mouth and drew a interesting picture of myself. Some people actually made really good portraits but they tied the pencils to their hands, which is pretty much the same as holding it in your hand. He movie we watched was about a man who was paralyzed from the neck down who asked to be killed. The government refused and he laid in a bed for 26 years. That would be really boring and I felt bad for the man. He eventually found some people who would help end his hardship and create cyanide poison to put in some water for him to drink. He drank it while being recorded for a tape to show the government. I would have been like HAHA suckers I found someone who would help me!!!! But what he said was probably more meaning full for his cause. Next time I jump off a cliff I will probably think twice haha.

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