Sunday, January 24, 2010

Caution: Suburbian Child

If someone blurted out suburbia what would come to mind? For many of us, a picture of a mother, father, and two children with a golden retriever pops into our minds. Along with the family comes the white picket fenced yard, that is perfectly green all year long. Khaki's, golf clubs, and pearls are only some possessions we assume a family, such as this, would have inside their picturesque, three story brick house. However, has anyone ever put a warning label on perfection? Did anyone ever warn this flawless couple that suburbia might just be the alkalies heel of their rosy-cheeked children? No, of course not, people do not like to admit there is a demon in heaven.

The thing is, despite common thoughts suburbia is the worst possible place you can raise children. Yes, it's safety may be compelling, and the community support is always a plus but we can not discount the dangers the suburbs threatens kids with. Let us discuss the issue of perfection. In suburbia, rising generations are surrounded by the bubble of falsehood. This bubble conditions kids from a young age that if you want it, your parents should supply it. Not only does this fuel a deserving outlook on life, it fogs the window that shows others in need.

Although, attitudes can be fixed with some therapy, paid by the parent of course, The real issue is the financial illusion the suburban community implants into the brains of children. Due to the spoiled attitude of these young minds, finances can tip one of two ways: up or down. Either you get a kid that truly has a drive to earn what he or she is accustomed to or you come across the adult that has gone into deep debts because they were never used to working for what they had and there fore, never did.

The issues of suburbia we have discussed already are easily amendable by parenting methods. Community is a factor, not matter how hard the parents try to protect their kid, that alters the moral progress of a growing suburban student. Pressure to be perfect at, well life in general, is just the salt on the beef patty. Yes, communities ban together and support, shelter and care for neighborhood kids to no extent however, when the doors are shut and the children are asleep, the phones start to ring. Gossip about what third grader failed what test and who was in the local DUI section of the newspaper that weekend starts electrically whizzing through wires in a vain attempt for a mother to seem, if only for one millisecond, superior to the other polo wearing mothers. This vicious cycle of gossip spreads down the hereditary line to little girls, awkwardly staged pre-teens, and barbie-like teenagers; all of which take the sport of gossiping to a new level.

It may seem as if these problems are nothing compared to low-income families with nothing to support their children with, or high income parent's who have no time to acknowledge that their children exist however, in the word's of kanye, "That that does not kill you, only makes you stronger." In suburbia, no hardships are presented to kids. Grades and a perfect public appearance is the most people expect of these emerging citizens. They have nothing to fuel them toward a dream besides, "Why not?". The real hardships of life will hit them like a cement wall once they have jumped out of the nest, only to realize their parents never taught them how to fly because they always came back with food. The recovery time of this fall is unpredictable and is precisely the reason why suburbia is not the ideal location for kids.

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