Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Drugs are bad. We have all heard it a thousand times yet a large percent of the American population continues to produce, buy, sell, and consume one of the deadliest products in the world. Why? I do not know. But what I do know is that drugs have taken the lives of family friends and acquaintances. This does not mean that all of them have died; it simply means that they have lost their families, their futures, and control over their own selves.
They have become slaves.
They have become slaves to the powder, the plant, the pill. They no longer have a choice in the matter. They are required to consume. They have become addicted and it is nearly impossible to turn back. What would have happened if they had never taken that first smoke? They would have continued with their lives, dealing with pain and sorrow, college, family, achievements, and losses. And they would have done it without drugs. They would still have control over their own minds and their own bodies but it is too late now. Far too late.

Some have died. Others have failed multiple rehab attempts. All have been taken by the world of illegal drug trafficking that consumes our nation today. Children are being taken. Students are being taken. Adults are being taken. The monster is color blind, size blind, class blind. But not money blind.

Dealers do not care what they are doing, what families they are tearing apart or what children they are enslaving. They only care that the money is flowing in and that people are becoming addicts who will become faithful customers, likely for the rest of their lives.

It does not matter if drugs are suddenly deemed “legal” by law. People will continue becoming addicted and lives will systematically be ruined. Legality changes nothing other than giving the dealers free rein. How much will be bought and hoarded if there is no legal punishment for it? Even if schools make a rule stating that drugs must not be brought on campus it will happen in mass. The worst punishment that the students have to fear is a couple of days of OSS, not a couple of years in prison. There will be no end to the madness if drugs are unleashed legally.

If they are legal, what is keeping more people from trying them and facing the risk of addiction? Nothing. Some people will never try drugs simply because they fear the legal consequences and the humiliation but if those treats are taken away what makes it wrong for them to consume drugs? Parents will become addicted and fail to correctly care for their children. Teachers will become addicted and fail to educate their students. Politicians will become addicted and fail to care for their people, and care only for the dealers that provide them with their legal fix.

Can you see where this is going? Downward spiral, fast.

There will be no end to the lives that are lost. To the grave and to addiction.

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