Sunday, January 31, 2010

Waking Up

Ever since I was eight years old, there have been these strange happenings. Every once in a blue moon, I find myself awake and unable to move. But this isn't because I am having trouble with my inner consciousness and my purpose and all that. I wake up from a dream. In the dream there is a strange sound and my body begins to feel weird, and that is when I wake up. I cannot speak or even twitch a finger. I can only look around the room that I wake up in. I feel the most horrible and dark feeling inside. My room has a low pitched sound echoing through the room making it hard for me to think. All I can think about is how to stop this and move at least a finger or a toe then everything from there is a snowball effect into being able to get up and go get something to drink. Every other time there is a random object in the room that moves around the room. I know this is not a dream. I try to scream to wake my sister in the next room, but no sound comes out. I can only feel the tightening of my throat cords to their extent, then I give that up. I never gave up the struggle until I could move again. I wish I could know why it happens.
Last time that it happened was surprisingly a longer interval ago of about five months ago. That's great compared to it occurring every week like old times. I was having a dream that me and my cousin Rickey were at Starbucks getting a icy, caramel coffee drink and he asked me, "what is your purpose?" I couldn't answer his question because in my dream I was confused. As I was staring at him trying to answer him, the dream became fuzzy and the strange sound began. I open my eyes and I'm laying face up at the ceiling, sweaty. I have a full view of my room and the black, ominous robe on the back of my door. I knew I should've taken it down before I fell asleep. I just stare at the robe. I knew that the robe would be the object to move, but it moved differently this time. It began to look as if a being was slowly occupying the robe. The robe pops off the hook and moves slowly toward the ground. It stops around two feet above the ground and freezes. It turns by a forty-five degree angle and begins to blink around the room. It did not blink across the room, only right next to the previous blink. I am not on drugs, trust me. I am not drunk. I do not do witchcraft. I stop to think, which is really hard considering I am fully afraid, but the first name that comes into my mind is Jesus. I know it sounds like hocus pocus, but unfortunately I am dead serious. When that name pops into my mind, the robe is suddenly back on the door hanger. I can twitch my finger, and like predicted my whole body is able to move. With a hot foot, I spring up from my holding place. I put on the robe (Which sounds like something not to do, considering what it just did). I go to my kitchen, where my uncle is talking romantically to one of his females. I walk to the fridge in consternation and my uncle asks what is wrong, but something possessed me to say, "nothing." It wasn't nothing. It was something. I still do not know what it was that had been holding me paralyzed to this day, but now I am used to it. It became to where I just went back to sleep right after it. Aw well.

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