Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Day in the LIfe of a Crippled

For the class entry how can anyone write about anything other than the cripple day. That day this is how it all went down... the morning of the fun of cripple day I found some other kids from the class. We were standing in the hall knowing that we needed to stick together but also that we had no idea where we were going. Then we found a leader! The group spotted a potential member of our little pod and then we realized that she could be the one to take us to where we need to be. We followed her and it came out that actually she only kinda knew where she was going. BUT, it was ok because there was a whole crowd of people that we recognized that were gravitating towards one room. We guessed that that was the right room and we were correct. the room was definitely different and I began to wonder what in the world we would actually be doing. Sitting in those chairs we began to wonder, but there were many distractions to keep our attention as the Glenn wandered frantically in and out of the room. Finally, after listening to the announcements( No it should really be "watching the announcements" but who says that?) and not being able to properly say the pledge because there was no flag in the room, we began. At first when he told us to get on the other side of the room I still had little idea what would come next. Then when he demonstrated THE position to sit in I was even more confused. But, when the word was put out that today was crippled day and we had to get to the other side of the room without our legs. I guess that meant a race to everyone in the room because it became all out chaos.( Which by the way is a very weird and hard word to spell. May I have the language of origin please?) So...after everyone made it to the other side of the room with all our arms and legs intact( but not fully functional), we began our first task of writing our name with our left foot. Being left handed I don't know if that gave me any advantage or the fact that my name is relatively short but I could see I was top 5 in name writing. My portrait on the other hand was not the quality that would be worthy of some kids someday watching a movie about me. But that brings me to the next part of crippled day: the movies. After choosing over someone's jacket over someone's backpack I settled down for some good times on the floor. I enjoyed the movies and the other activity but did not like the Spanish dude who hated his life after scuba diving. That right there was not the most fun way to start my day. But, now I have practice in persuading people not to commit such an act. That is all. Yes I know not the greatest ending. But I would like to say that I'm sorry if this was harder to read because of typos. Sorry. It's 11 PM and I've spent enough time on school today.

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