Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Saturday

Brittany Liebenow

Entry 2 (The other entry)

24 January 2010

My Saturday

Saturday was essentially the day I had needed all week. Let me start off by saying that last week sucked. There is not really any other way to say that without using profanity, and since this is indeed a blog, I think my speech is free enough to just tell it like it is. Essentially everything that could go wrong did go wrong last week, and I got to a point where I just really couldn’t take it anymore. I even woke up on Saturday morning with a bit of a chip on my shoulder because I subconsciously expected bad things to happen to me. Fortunately, I had a pretty amazing day.

The first thing I did was go to a high school fencing tournament. I pretty much bulldozed over everyone. I am not going to lie; running people over was definitely a catharsis for me. It might not have been healthy like that one guy at the beginning of the year defined catharsis as, but it was certainly a “letting off of steam.” I actually set a record for myself: I won a direct elimination bout in 50 seconds. Just for perspective, we are given 9 minutes to finish the bout.

Also at the tournament, another girl of our three person women’s fencing team placed second. As captain of the women’s fencing team, I am very proud to say that 66.7% of our women’s fencing team made it into the final.

After the tournament I felt quite satisfied and very hungry. I went home, showered, and then planned to go to dinner with my family. My dad suggested we invite my boyfriend along. This ended up being more of a dilemma than you would imagine because Kyle, the boyfriend, was very hesitant about going to eat with us. This ended up being because, as I later found out, he is essentially broke. My dad planned on paying anyway though because we invited Kyle, but Kyle still felt bad. I guess it is some kind of man spirit thing to feel bad even though someone has already insisted on paying for your meal. As a woman, I guess I am just too used to my meal tab getting paid for.

We ended up going to On the Border, a Mexican restaurant, because I am conditioned to want Mexican food after fencing. It is true; after nearly every single tournament I eat Mexican food. You can ask Elizabeth. Anyway, the food at On the Border was surprisingly awesome, especially as far as Mexican food goes. I ate a ton of cheese dip; I really love cheese dip. You can also ask Elizabeth about that one.

After Mexican food, Kyle and I went to Barnes and Noble, and he helped me with AP Environmental Science-Physics. It was hard and terrifying. I think I learned some stuff, but I am not entirely sure. It was still fun, though, because I was with Kyle.

When it was time to say goodbye to Kyle, I was pretty sad. I was happier though when I went home and watched hours of Burn Notice followed by some needed sleep.

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