Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is usually the type of subject that I am not eager to discuss, but every now and then I just become so confused and bewildered as to why so many people in this world are religious. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to bash anyone’s beliefs; I am merely suggesting that religion just does not add up.
Whenever I hear a couple people discussing their religious beliefs, I usually make an effort to ask what their religion and beliefs. And regardless of their answer, excluding agnostic/atheist, I always just have to ask “What makes your religion more right than everyone else’s?” They usually retort by informing me that they were brought up with whatever religion their entire life or they just simply have “faith”. I can understand where these people are coming from, but at some point I would think that they would begin to ask questions: ask why some parts of the bible contradict another, etc. Maybe that is it; perhaps they just never questioned anything in their life, so why rock the boat? People usually become defensive whenever I press the fact that they never really have questioned the inconsistencies that pertain to their religion. Most of the time this means that they are aware of the contradictions, but unwilling to admit it, they will usually just maintain their faith in an omnipotent entity.
Then there is always the case of the people whom were brought up and raised a certain religion, for example Jewish. It just seems unreasonable that a Christian would find it fair that this aforementioned Jewish person, whose been a kind person their entire life, will burn in hell for all eternity just because he was born Jewish, taught Jewish, etc. How can you really blame this person for how they were raised? Is it really fair to punish people for doing no wrong? This situation becomes even more dire when the extremists come into the picture. For example, there are the whole religious wars in the Middle East. From my understanding, the majority of the disagreements and problems are all rooted to religious preference.
It would not bother me so much if a lot of people were not so sure of themselves. It’s hard to believe that so many people spend so many wasted hours going to church as they legitimately try and transfer their thoughts, favors, and dreams to this “existent” unperceivable entity. There has been absolutely no scientific, or credible, evidence that supports the fact that praying will change the outcome of a miracle occurring. Speaking of which, there is hardly any evidence that suggests the credibility of religion thus bringing me back to the whole issue that I have with beliefs. I for one can never picture myself believing in something that I have no evidence of its existence, and a bible definitely does not count, let alone devoting a portion of my life to it. However, I have found some things redeeming about church. Churches offers everyone a community and a sense of togetherness while also teaching important moral values and life lessons, for the most part. Regardless, religion has been responsible for far too many unnecessary deaths.

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