Monday, January 11, 2010

Ideas on Sexism

It’s nice to talk about sexism at times. Sometimes we need to learn a little about it. Yet, it seems like we’re talking too much about it. We always hear about men’s intent to dominate or their incapability of understanding women. It’s getting on my nerves. There are two main problems with females talking way too much about sexism. First, talking about it like that only reinforces it into reality. Second, they lose track of their main intent: defeating discrimination.

What do men say when they hear females calling them dogs? What do they think when women accuse them of mistreating women? You bet I’m a dog. That’s right; I’m a pimp. Men might not say this out loud, and they might not think exactly like this, but their general reaction is to be proud. This pride comes from females’ discourse relating to men. Now, I’m not saying that all women do this. However, many feminists out there constantly berate men and repeatedly claim that they are all insensitive jerks. Since men hear these accusations all the time, they lose their effectiveness. Men begin to think, “Yeah, I guess that men are jerks.” They see their position as the “bad guy” as something inevitable and try to make it worth something.

Another reaction from men reinforces sexism into reality. While some men get annoyed and decide to just believe in the inevitability of their fate, some men get annoyed and discredit anyone that mentions sexism. When these men are bombarded by constant accusations, they just decide to not listen to anyone that accuses. Whenever this type of man talks to a woman and she mentions sexism in society, he immediately labels that woman as “one of those girls”. He mentally prepares himself to block any sort of accusation and to filter out all the sexist issues from his mind.

The second problem with women talking too much about sexism is that they lose sight of what is really important. They focus too much on one tree and do not look at the forest. In fact, they focus so much on the tree that they start trying to chop it down, instead of trying to help it grow the right way. For many feminists, the answer to all sexism is to attack men and their lifestyle. Men are too violent. Men are too insensitive. Men are too stubborn. They decide to “defeat sexism” by trying to put down men and stereotyping them. The whole concept would be funny if women were not so serious.

Besides putting down men, women tackle sexism in the incorrect way. They lose sight of what “equality” means. Men and women should be given the same opportunities in education and in careers. However, they should know that women and men are not the same nor will they ever be the same. Equality does not mean that they are the same. Equality just means that they should be treated the same. For instance, some extreme feminists try to prove something by growing beards. First, it’s disgusting. Second, they still haven’t proven anything. Sexism should be a fight against unfair treatment instead of a fight to destroy the balance between men and women.

-Nick Jeon

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