Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Day and Pants???

It that time again. Time to start the journal writing,( wait no scratch that. Blog writing. No probably just blogging. If it has to do with the internet, feel free to make it a verb instead of just a noun.) anyways... it is time to start the blogging but I am doing it at an unusual time. Thank you Martin Luther King for your tremendous strides to better America. I am happy to celebrate your day by not going to school and blogging about life. On this Martin Luther King day I would first like to look at the present and how it deals with the past. What is the present right now you ask? Obama? and how he shows the progress that MLK dreamed about? No, there has been too much talk about all that. This is my blog so I get to talk about what I want :P! No, if you haven't noticed we are in the middle of one man's "Fifteen Minutes of Fame". That man is "Pants on the Ground" Man as is called by most, but also known as General Larry Platt. Not a General because of his tremendous military achievements but because of his self proclaimed General status gained in his work in the civil rights movement. General Platt has been a Civil Rights activists since the age of 16 years old. He was a part of MLK's activities in the city of Atlanta and others after Mr. King. Now Larry is passing on the tradition of making an impact on the world. With a little luck, lots of charisma, and a very useful belt around his waist, he has become a sensation. At the age of 63 the general was very lucky even to be allowed to try out for American Idol( the cut-off age is traditionally 28). But, with his simple message and great stage presence he was able to make it to the judges. Life after American Idol has been great and Larry has just been soaking in all the attention. This morning he aired on "The View" morning show to give a little more inside information on the inspiration of his song. On the show he revealed that "One day I was walking one day, and [I saw] a guy with a baby bottle in his mouth, and he had his pants on the ground. And that's what gave me the inspiration." His nephew was in the crowd on set on "The View" and he calmly said that he was glad his uncle was finally getting his message out there and that he was extremely proud of him. In Atlanta there are many people that have their pants on the ground. The General's message is for them to just get a belt and pull their pants up. During his American Idol audition he remarked, " Mr. King didn't go walking around with his pants on the ground! No one else should either!" Hopefully this will inspire some of the intercity department stores to sell some belts. Also, if you think the General may be about to be out of the spotlight, he has told us that he has a second song about tattoos and would love to make a record. We'll just have to see if the General could become the next William Hung

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