Monday, January 18, 2010

Regular Entry 1/18/10-Callie Corday

Thursday I went to Arizona so I could tour Arizona State University. My flight was at one but since there are new airport security rules, my grandma and I had to be at the airport several hours early. Once we boarded the plane, it was smooth sailing from then on. Arizona is two hours behind Atlanta, so it was only three thirty when we landed. We took the shuttle to the car rental place where we rented a black Nissan Altima. I, personally, wanted to rent the Mustang convertible. I guess my grandma is not into fast cars.

Afterwards, we drove off to find our hotel. Of course, we had gotten lost. We stopped at a gas station in a sketch part of town. Eventually, we found out where to go and we made it to our hotel fifteen minutes later. The hotel was nice, and the people working there were cool. While my grandma was parking the car, the bellhop was talking to me about all the places to go hang out when school is not in session. I was surprised how many things there were to do in Tempe.

Friday was my tour at ASU. I had to be at the school at nine in the morning. I thought there would be traffic, but I was wrong. I got there in plenty of time, so I was lucky that I was able to have a chance to relax before everything started. At ten, there was an introduction. They played a video, a slideshow, and had people talk. When that ended, people split up and went to seminars. I went to one about the business school, the different majors, and admissions.

When the last seminar ended, the tour of the Tempe campus started. The campus is beautiful. There are palm trees as well as orange trees. The campus is not huge, but it is big enough so it is not congested. After the hour tour, my grandma and I ate at one of the restaurants on campus. When we finished, we walked over to the honors college and took a tour of the dorms just for the honors students. Those were actually really nice for a dorm.

The tour officially ended at five. It was a long day. We drove back to Scottsdale and got dinner. We took our food back to the hotel room and then we rented a movie through our TV. We watched the Box. It was a decent movie, but it was confusing. I thought it would explain what happened. I was disappointed that the movie never did. I also did not like the southern accents. Southern accents bother me so much. It is a shame that I live in the south.

Saturday, my grandma and I went shopping. Scottsdale has amazing shopping. One mall is called Fashion Square. The mall had so many stores that we do not have here in Atlanta. Also, there is this one shopping district in Tempe that has a lot of cute boutiques. That street also has a two story Urban Outfitters. I was in fashion heaven.

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