Monday, January 18, 2010

Three day weekends make me incredibly happy. There is not a better feeling than on a Sunday night knowing that school does not await you in the morning. I can’t explain the joy that is brought to me just by a simple day off from school. I think that most students and working adults would agree that government holidays have become more of an excuse to not work than to actually honor and participate in the so-called “holiday”. Not to say that I don’t think that Martin Luther King’s life should be honored, I just think that the majority of students are not necessarily concerned with the reasons behind why there is no school; all they care about is that there is no school. I’m sure that there are some students and adults that actually took the time today to remember the extraordinary life that MLK led, but I’m not going to lie, I didn’t. It is some what sad that this holiday is not held at a higher regard especially since there is an African American president in the white house. Just saying, for a country that has transcended all racial boundaries, you would think that Martin Luther King Day would be more celebrated because of all the work that MLK did for the African American race.

But anyways, this weekend was some what uneventful, but the relaxation was much needed. It was a very chill weekend for me, I did a lot of hanging out, cleaning, and eating of course. Friday night I volunteered at the Bricks at Perimeter Church and if you don’t know what the Bricks is, well, you really don’t want to. Ha, just kidding, it is a safe place for middle schoolers to hang out and do whatever it is middle schoolers do on Friday nights. I have been volunteering there a lot this year but it is definitely not something that I enjoy doing on my Friday night. I mean, I’m not sure who actually enjoys hanging out with 500 middle schoolers because I know I certainly don’t. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but seriously, those kids are so annoying! Like, I really don’t think I was that obnoxious when I was in grades 6-8. They are all the same and the only reason they attend the bricks is to promote themselves to the their friends and the opposite sex. It is really pathetic if you think about it. They sit there on the couches, especially the girls, giggling, sitting on each others laps, and re-applying lip gloss every 3 seconds. It is actually really how much these kids want to fit in and be accepted. Now, I know that this whole “fitting in” thing still goes on in high school but definitely not to the same degree that it goes on in middle school. The girl’s bathroom at the bricks is like a breeding ground for self-absorbed girls trying to out “beautify” each other. They sit there at the mirrors judging every single one of their imperfections to a degree that is very unhealthy and sad. I feel bad for these girls because they have yet to realize that their middle school image does not matter in the long run and that soon enough they will be looking back saying, “What was I thinking?”.

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