Monday, January 18, 2010

Brainwashed//I have a dream weekend

I have a dream that one day I, too, will get my own holiday dedicated to me in which all kids in public school systems love me for their free day off. Mr. King, next year can you ask god not to make it rain on your weekend, I find it kind of insulting to your name. This weekend was dreary. Rain, rain go away, please do not come back another day. Not only did it rain this weekend, but we lost both of our home boy's games. Not to mention our fans consisted of ten uber guy's who came to support on friday. Other than the fact they brought their beach gear to the game, and I watched The Book of Eli, it was a relatively uneventful weekend.

I had an epiphony Sunday night; Mr. Glenn has brainwashed his whole AP Lang class. After I watched The Book of Eli, which is phenominal by the way, the first thing that came to mind is: I wonder what Mr. Glenn would have to say about this movie. Not only is it bad that I thought that, however that was the first thing that Chase thought as well... coinsidence? I think not.

Denzel pulled off another great flick. Not only did it have biblical meaning and McCarthy type plot, the twist at the end was incredible. Now, I am not goin to spoil it for you but it is a great one, better than The Sixth Sense. The critics that rated that bad can kiss me where the sun don't shine because they are wrong. The Golden Globes agrees. SHOUT OUT TO GLENN: sorry I couldn't make it to the party I had prior engagements but I hope all went well.

New topic. Rehersals today were good. I found out friday that I have GERD, which is acid reflex disease. Did you know that fourty percent of people with acid reflex can not feel it? I found that interesting. Anyways, I got medicine for it and my voice has already started to clear up it is miraculous and I am pretty sure that Fossum was happy for me. Atleast I hope she was. I have a lot of memorizing to do in the last stretch but a little every night and I will have all my lines and songs memorized in a week or so.

And here I am now, typing this blog entry I am not quite positive Glenn even reads. Since it is electronic I have a theory that he doesn't check the content just that we turned in two, one time, on appropriate subjects. I mean hey good enough for me I suppose. My spelling is awful on these though. Kind of ironic because that was the only critic I got on my SAT practice test I took this weekend: Needs to improve grammer. Although I don't quite think that is ironic. I think it is just a flaw I have with writing. Five free days and then I will have to write two more of these boogers on Sunday. Sweet dreams.

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