Sunday, January 10, 2010

Class Entry 01.10.10

There are many ways that people divide themselves into: sex, race, age, etc. The different groups they have created fight against each other to get rid of stereotypes and gain better rights. The easiest and the most common way to divide ourselves into is sex. But despite the similarities they have, the differences are looked into and cause conflicts between them. After reading several stories, I came up with some opinions about sexism.
It is true that this world has mostly been ruled by men and taken cared by women. Men and Women both try to break the stereotypes against each other, but it is impossible to get rid of it completely. The stereotypes have been there for a long period of time and will take a long time to get rid of. Also, there is a definite difference, structure wise and internal wise, between men and women that bring up the stereotypes. Stereotypes have been with us since we were young, when girls choose pink colored shoes and boys choose to play with an action figure with a razor on its arm. I once did a research on how much toy commercials effect the stereotypes that children tend to get. It seemed like the pink colored toy shelf for girls and blue floor for boys are the start of the stereotype. That is when they realize the difference between men and women, and start to group up with the people of their sex. No matter how we try, we are constantly exposed to stereotypes that have existed for a long period of time. It would be difficult to get rid of the stereotypes, but it will be gone gradually as it has gradually formed.
It can be seen easily these days where a man is called sexist for a small deal that he has done to a woman. But is it really fair to call someone a sexist? If the same thing was done by a woman to a man she will rarely be called sexist. It seems that woman get a better position with the whole sexist deals because of the past, when men used to get the better jobs and better positions and women didn’t even have a right to vote. People tend to argue that the past should be forgotten and we should start on a new blank page; but what currently is being done is remembering the past and making the men make up for the bad treatment the women used to get. If we do start everything fresh with equal treatments to both sexes, there shouldn’t be more man sexists than woman sexists.
There are many discussions that can be held about the sexism issues; it seems like it is an endless debate about something that cannot be changed unless we understand each other. It is necessary to understand the differences and take them as they are, not demanding each other to change to match them. What we need is a negotiation, not a debate.

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