Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Jay Barden
This week was the first week back in school and it was a very short week. The snow day that was given to us enabled students to have an extra day off. This three day week was very much appreciated by ninety nine percent of the students and they made the most of it. Christmas break was a very relaxing break. I saw two great movies in Avatar and Sherlock Holmes. Some people might think that Avatar makes the military look bad and is pro Native American; however I do not think that at all. It is a completely different mindset where a human is biologically transformed into a blue avatar alien. He weirdly falls in love with another alien female. I say weirdly because how could you fall in love with something of another species. The only problem with this is that I do not like the way that the main character in the movie betrays human kind. What a horrible ending to a movie. How can a movie with such good ratings end with a human betraying his own species. Nevertheless, I thought it was an overall good movie.
Sherlock Holmes in my opinion was the best movie that came out over the holiday break. The sequence of events were directed and displayed in this movie were perfect. My favorite part of the movies was when Sherlock pre planned out his attack plan and then executed it after the big man spit in his face. I also liked how he was able to pick out the smallest details from things and make a conclusion of the events given to him. The movie in my opinion should receive a five star rating and I am looking forward to seeing the sequel to this movie. If it is as good as the first movie, than this movie series should be able to make a large amount of money. Robert Downey Jr. executed the part of Sherlock Holmes in perfection. He truly represented what the character Sherlock Holmes was all about.
During the snow day, I saw many people playing in the snow. I also saw the ice that froze over the roads which was very dangerous to drive on. On Friday, I slipped on many occasions driving my car when I tried to stop on dark ice. Ice is sometimes hard to see on the road, especially at night. It could cause many accidents. There was a twenty six car pileup near the airport the day after it snowed (or iced). The ice was soon melted away after many salt trucks dumped salt onto the roads. This is good for the road however it is horrible for your car. The salt gets stuck in your tires and attracts dirt and debris. I will have to clean out the outside of my car as soon as the ice melts away. I hope that the rest of this year will turn out to be more successful than the last semester. I plan on raising each of my grades by at least two points and I also intend to work a lot harder on my studies. I will be posting two more blog responses next week.

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