Sunday, January 10, 2010

Men and Women

Arguments over men and women, their roles in society and levels of importance can get pretty heated and cause much tension. In our society men are thought of as the head of the household, while women are the ones who take care of the children and everyday aspects around the household. Men are thought to hold more power in society because most positions of power are filled by men. Our country was founded by men, and men continue to make most of the decisions in our country-or so it seems. Some people get offended by the fact that women are made to be under men and having men almost rule over them. Now in 2010 though more and more women are gaining power through high positions and just making a name for themselves.

I guess I’m more traditional in the fact that the way I view men and women. I view men as the head and women underneath them, especially in the household. In the corporate and political world etc. I would think women should have all the rights and privileges that men should have, but when I think of a president of a company or the United States of America I view a man. Men are meant to be leaders more than women, it’s natural, it’s in their genes, and it’s the way things have worked through most of history. Truthfully devoted feminists annoy me, even though I am a woman. I don’t mean to be mean or harsh but couldn’t you just chill a little. Maybe we needed you back when women didn’t have equal rights to men, but now there’s really no point. Like the women who keep their maiden name because they don’t want to be under a man and his name-that’s ridiculous. He’s your husband, and the husband is meant to be over the wife.

There are always exceptions to every “rule”, but those should not effect the obvious. Yes there are stay at home dads out there and the wife is the one who works, but that is usually not the norm so don’t try bringing that up. People don’t like being put into stereotypes even if they are true because people don’t like being told who they are by people who don’t even know them. So women don’t like being told that their role is to clean the house and take care of the children because that is what they are better at when maybe it’s not. This brings in the Barbie and how women are expected to be this perfect tall blonde, with a little waist and big boobs, and no we’re not all like that-sorry guys. Expectations lead to disappointment because not every one can meet every expectation because we’re not perfect, and we shouldn’t be. Why do people set expectations, boundaries and stereotypes? Why can’t we all just be ourselves and accept those aspects that make us unique. Don’t treat others as lower than you because you don’t know them, you don’t know what they are capable of.

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