Sunday, January 10, 2010

Free Journal

It snowed! Well, it sort of snowed. I guess Georgia should come up with a new name because the so-called snow we received was pretty pathetic if you think about it. But, I’m not complaining, we got out of school and that is pretty much all I was concerned about. It’s funny how much I could care less about snow compared to when I was in elementary and middle school. Back then snow was a huge deal even the measly half inch that dusted my yard and driveway did not stop me from making snowballs, snow angels, and from sledding down my neighbor’s hill. Ha, people in Ohio and Michigan would probably be on the floor laughing if they knew that we were excused from school because of a stingy half inch of so-called “snow” which was actually more like ice. But, hey they can’t laugh too hard, snow doesn’t happen too often down south so you know what, we are allowed to make it a big deal. I could care less if there is three feet of snow in Minnesota, I mean good for you, you’re used to it.

But anyway, back to the snow day. I didn’t do anything too eventful on the snow day. I didn’t try to go sledding or have a snowball fight with my neighbors; I just chilled out, slept in, made some hot cocoa, and sat by the fire. It was a good day if you ask me besides, snow is way over rated: it’s cold, it’s wet, and if you’re like me, it makes you slip and fall on your face. Yes, ok, I did slip on the ice. Ok, I know I’m a pretty big klutz so I was actually surprised I didn’t fall more than once. I consider my fall an accomplishment not a defeat. Hmm, so that’s 313 words, only 287 more to go…sweet. Oh yes I was rebellious and I did in fact drive on the snow day. I know, that’s exactly why we didn’t have school, but I don’t care, I NEEDED Starbucks. Ok, I guess it wasn’t a life or death situation but I was meeting a friend there so I couldn’t pass it up.

I love Starbucks; I am seriously addicted to the Peppermint Mocha latte. It is so delicious; words cannot even begin to describe how yummy to my tummy it is. Ha-ha anyways, that was a bit off topic. Wow, I just read some of my fellow classmate’s journals and I’m going to be pretty embarrassed if one of them decides to read my journal. I don’t like this whole post your journal to the blog thing. What if I was writing something personal? I don’t want the entire class to be able to read my journals, not to mention they kind of suck. Sorry for the harsh language, I’m just not quite into my journal groove yet. By the end of last semester I got so good at writing journals in small periods of time, but now I’m out of my groove a little bit and this journal is taking longer to write than usual. Oh hey! That’s 530 words! Suhhweet, now on to my next entry!

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