Sunday, January 10, 2010

Class Journal

I actually enjoyed our topic of discussion this week in class. Not that I don’t enjoy class every week, I just thought this week was particularly interesting. The “body” unit that we have started deals with the issues of sexism in our day to day culture. It is interesting to talk about in class because of the very diverse view-points that are held by each student. Some obviously have stronger views than others, not to name any names but I do enjoy hearing the opinions of others however farfetched they seem to be.

Exploring the differences between men and women has been an interesting topic of discussion especially when dealing with both sides of the spectrum within our class. Obviously when discussing gender, there will most likely be some people who are more in favor of one gender than another. Personally, I am not very offended by some of the stereotypical comments that men and some women have about the female sex because in truth most of what “they” say is true. Ok, don’t attack me for saying that, it’s just my opinion. I mean for the most part it is true that women tend to rely on the man to be the “bread-winner” of the family and I do believe that women are physically incapable of being as strong as men. Not to say that I am not an independent person, I just think that women get too worked up over the whole “anything you can do, I can do better” concept. Why do women feel the need to be “better” than men? Can one sex really be better than another? I believe that both sexes rely on each other for certain things equally and without a male a female cannot be fulfilled entirely and without a female a male cannot be fulfilled entirely. One sex cannot dominate over the other but instead, they must work to be balanced in power, superiority, etc. Rather than complaining about inferiority, women should work to not necessarily be “better” than men, but to work to create a balanced relationship with a male.

You never know what to expect in Mr. Glenn’s class. Ha, it is always a mystery as to what surprise he will throw into our daily routine. For example, our Barbie assignment on Thursday was quite entertaining and really got my creative juices flowing. Hopefully we are not presenting those to the class because the barbies that I drew are pretty weird looking and embarrassing, but knowing Mr. Glenn he will not only make us present them, he will probably also make us do it in the form of a song with hand motions. If you are reading this Mr. Glenn, DON’T get any ideas. But anyway that activity was very fun and a nice break from the usual. I really wish that the Barbie brand would consider putting some of the dolls we created on the market because unlike their dolls, ours were more realistic and diverse than the usual white skinned, blonde haired, big-boobed, skinny doll that pollutes the minds of young girls everywhere.

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