Monday, January 18, 2010

Class Entry 01.18.10

The class discussion for this week was drugs. The drugs have been a headache for the society; it makes the people become addicted to it, and the people continue to buy it in order to feel relieved. The price is very demanding, making the people go bankrupt and later loose all they have, and even more, get in a big debt. There are many kinds of drugs, a big amount that the police cannot handle. The drug hasn’t become legal yet, but people are still debating whether or not it should legal.
To talk about what I thought about the drugs until now, drug was not my interest at all. When I used to live in South Korea, it seemed like a far away story that I have nothing to do with. The worst thing a student could do in South Korea was smoking or drinking since drugs are hard to reach and very expensive. Only once in a while on a TV news the rich or famous people get pulled out for doing drugs, but it still didn’t seem like a thing that I would have to worry about. But in America, it doesn’t seem like a big deal or a surprise that students do drugs. Everyone knows the lists of people who do drugs. Some people even come to class after they do drugs, their eyes half closed and their minds wandering some place else. Now it seems like a very serious problem that the world has to solve.
Weather or not to make the drugs legal has been a big issue for a long time. Making it legal is morally a wrong thing, but if we look at smoking and drinking, it isn’t illegal when it also gives bad effect to our body. The drugs might be more dangerous than them but maybe one day the situation will change too. Friends will ask to go to do drugs after dinner, and people will go out to do drugs during their lunch breaks. Then there will be another issue like drugs that would be illegal and become a problem in the society again. It seems to me that there will always be a problem with addictive substances that are illegal. So rather than making drugs legal and making the people choose for their own, it should be kept illegal to prevent a new illegal substance that will replace them.
Another problem with the drugs is that it is now a big part of our society and economy. Since its cost is very high and the demands are rising, it is now a big part of economy that we can not touch easily. The impact might be huge, making the process of changing policies for drugs slower and more cautious.
Many opinions are pouring out about drugs. What seems best will change as the time goes, but however it will turn out, I wish the result will be something that can satisfy everyone and keep the society from the people from being addicted to drugs.

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