Monday, January 18, 2010

Class Entry

Drugs: a serious issue with no concrete answer. The United States could legalize it and collect the tax money. Not only would it have an immediate benefit to the economy, it would promote business and create jobs for the rising unemployment. However, would drugs become rampant? Can the business benefit the country more than it already does? Most of all, will it go against all moral values America has been raised on?

This week in class we discussed this issue, among others. Brought up was the notion that the drug industry now could be possibly be pumping more money into the economy now than if it were made legal. Police officers, drug dealers, and other people who are getting money from either the stopping, or promoting of drugs and issue the money back into the system. Drug dealers most often flaunt lavish cars, watches, wardrobes and homes; all money that benefits the dying economy. The money lost by the drug consumers doesn't neccissarily amount to the amount of money being made by businesses with the use of that cash.

Perhaps the more disturbing obstacle for mature audiences to face is whether or not legalization is moral or not. To expect older generations to cope with this is obscene. No good parent would be alright with the use of harmful drugs into a still developing body. Not only will it be hard to regulate use in the younger ages, what will stop people from driving high? Laws take time to pass and the fact is if the drugs become legal, smoking and driving will have no punishment. Schools already have a no drug policy and it is still challenging to enforce. Rising generations are only getting craftier at hiding their high. If we cannot stop drugs in society when it is legal, how in the hell are we supposed to regulate drug use if it is legal? The fact is we will not be able to. However, the excitment of drugs will wear off once it is legal and societies will no longer have to worry as much.

Honestly, the legalization of drugs makes sense. The only thing holding society back is pretentious people who believe that drugs are the devil. Not only will it be benificial to the economy, it will unlock a whole other realm in art. The highs and outter body feelings drugs will provide for an artist will unleash another world of creativity. With every good comes a bad, and no one can predict that the art forms will not generate some evil however is it not worth the risk to try?

Fear is the only thing holding society back and it is selfish; narrow-minded even. Parents tell kids to face their fears. I am telling parents to face theirs. Face the fear of the unknown and take a risk. Invest in the stock market, buy a lottery ticket, and practice what you preach: Face your fears. What have we got to loose? Lives? We already loose those everyday in war, accidents, substince abuse and suicides. We only have up from here, so ask yourself why not? In the end if it doesn't work, make it illegal again.

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