Sunday, January 10, 2010

Free Entry

First thought when I woke up on Friday morning: "Yes! A snow day!". Last thought when I went to bed on Friday night: "What a dud of a snow day". The most eventful part of my snow day was getting two Yahtzee's while playing Yahtzee with my friend. Not what I would normally consider an adrenaline pumper. Although, I have to admit Ms. Fab's chicken cordon bleu was fantastic, and I added another movie onto my favorite movie list.

Leap Year was a phenomenal movie. Amy Adams does an exquisite job of emanating a pompous Boston girl looking to propose to her boy friend of four years when the trip went astray from her plans. Not only was it comedic, the plot itself was adorable. A chick flick for sure, guys of all ages should take their girlfriends to see this because they would gain mad points. It is one of the only movie I have ever watched in a theatre that I wished I could have gone back in and watched it four more times.

Other than Leap Year and Yahtzee, my Friday was a chill girls night. Actually the more I type about it the more I realize how much fun I had at the Fab lab. The next morning and day was hard work though. I went to set building with Mary and Mr. Fab and by the end of the day, we had built three ginormous moving sets with the help of other dads and cast members. It was a lot of fun and really fulfilling to know I contributed to the making of these sets. The best part would have to be my mom jumping in the kiddy seat of the race car grocery cart when we were out getting sodas for all of the construction team. I knew my mom was a goof, but I never thought she would do that.

After a drawn out day of building, I spent some time with my good friend Stephen. Stephen and I were in South Pacific together last year, were camp counselors together over the summer, and really good friends. It is weird having someone so close to you go to college because despite how much you stay in touch the feeling of not being apart of their life is weird. Anyways Big S and I just rented a movie, stocked up on the goods at Kroger, and popped a squat in my basement laughing our butts off at Jay and Silent Bob. Shout out: Mr. Glenn if you enjoy bad acing and crude humor watch it because it is a classic.

Other than all the movies, it was a generally bland weekend. I am looking forward to the ice melting as I get further into Guys and Dolls crunch time. Ms. Fossum expressed her worry for my voice this week and hopefully the doctor I see Wednesday will be able to give me more of an explanation as to why my voice seems to vacation anytime a spec of dust is sniffed, or a word is spoken one notch to loud.

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