Monday, January 18, 2010

Journal 2B
Robert Overholt

I want to be a rockstar.
I have decided.

I got a guitar for Christmas. It is addicting to play. There is truly nothing more relaxing then picking up a guitar and strumming away your stress. The way the strings ring when you stroke them with your fingers is soothing. Noise. That is all you hear for the first week of practice. Eventually, you can just make out the rough tune to a simple jingle.

Then you are a rockstar—or you think you are.

The classic riff, “Wonderwall” by Oasis, was the first song I learned. Simple chords with little finger movement. It sounds just like the recording. Singing is the next step. I never realized how hard it is to sing and play guitar at the same time. It is surprisingly challenging.

I can sing—or at least I think I can.

I only sing in the shower. I think water gets in my ears and makes me sound better then I am. Who knows?

John Mayer is inspiration. He is the man—with a girly voice. My voice is pretty deep, so when I try to sing my favorite songs by John Mayer I struggle. A capo solves this problem. Change the octave of your guitar to a lower tone, and you are golden. Another problem with John Mayer then presents itself. He is good at guitar—too good for me. I’ll work my way up.

Next song. “Collide” by Howie Day. Easy guitar patterns, not too high pitched. That song has my name written all over it. I also learned four chords that will supposedly cover me for at least thirty songs. You would think song writers could be a little more creative when writing songs than repeating just four chords, but I guess I’m wrong. This is good for me, though, because I learned the four chords. Thirty songs are now at my fingertips—literally.

I want to hit my brother.
Take it out on the strings. Go learn a new song with that anger.
Stress gone.
Pretty cool, huh?

Now that I know four chords, two songs, and a simple E- pentatonic scale, I am basically already a rockstar. All I need to do now is win American Idol. I would rather go a different route to stardom because I wouldn’t have to give that dirt bag Simon 20% of my earnings when I write a platinum hit, but Idol is a straight shot to being a rockstar.
Some old man didn’t even know how to play guitar and is getting rich from American Idol. All he did was point out a new fashion trend in the inner city. That’s annoying. I am working hard learning how to play guitar so I can be a real rockstar, and this guy talks about the lack of belts in modern day society.

Before I get to be too busy on the fast track to becoming a rockstar, I am going to make some announcements before I become famous. I would like to thank my family, friends, and Mr. Glenn because he is reading this.

Never mind.
I want to be a doctor.

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