Sunday, January 10, 2010

Men and Women: Same and Different

Fundamentally, men and women are intended to compliment each other in mutual self-existence. However, it seems as if there is a constant rift that separates the two genders making them both essentially different and essentially the same
For one, both sexes have different interests, ambitions, and outlooks on life. All the while, at a human level, they are made up of the same components. However, that small variation in genetics seems to make all of the difference. While men traditionally prefer to hang out with their buddies and watch a sports game on T.V. for example, women on the other hand prefer to go out shopping for shoes with their friends. Men tend to be more sloppy than women and women are usually more punctual and pay attention to more detail. In this sense, it can accurately be said that women are intended to compliment men by keeping them in-check, which oftentimes is what happens in society. This is most likely the reason why marriage was created in the first place- so men and women can come together to form a unit.
This difference in men and women can also be explained by the fact that different hormones govern each. Testosterone makes men aggressive, cocky, and their decision making is often rash and spontaneous as a result. Estrogen fills women with tender emotion and gives them their essential woman-like features, which men do not have. This also provides an explanation for why society even differentiates between masculinity and femininity. Without estrogen and testosterone, women and men would most likely act and think in the same manner.
At the same time, it can be said, of both sexes, that each are mildly sexist in their own way. Men make generalizations about women and, like wise, women make generalizations about men. For example, men will say that women are too bossy and too demanding. Women, on the other hand, will say that men don’t care about their feelings or that men only care about sex. This seemingly mild phenomena furthers the gap between the two genders. At the same time however, it strengthens the idea of marriage because if the two genders were the same than they could never coexist properly.
In addition, both men and women have the same essential needs which consist of food, water, and shelter. Materially, however, both men and women have vastly different desires. Women prefer buying clothes, purses, shoes, make up that improve their outward appearance. Men on the other hand prefer spending money on T.V. sets, stereo systems, cars, and beer, all items which are geared toward more masculine interests. This again comes down to the fact that though mean and women are seemingly the same, they have different interests.
Though it appears that at a genetic and biological level men and women appear to be almost exactly the same, that little variation seems to make all the difference. Women are more conscious of their emotions whereas men are more reserved. Women are more punctual whereas men typically “go along with the flow” so to speak. Either way, both genders compliment each other on a yin and yang basis- both compliment each other to create a unit.

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