Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Winter Break

Over winter break, I had a lot of fun doing many different activities. After we got out of school, I went on a Carnival cruise around the Carribean. On Saturday morning, me and my family left to drive down to Tampa where our boat was docked. From their we got on the boat and went on our way. On the boat, the passengers had a plethora of options to choose from in terms of activites. There was bowling, rock climbing, singing, tennis, basketball, numerous bars and restaurant to eat at, and even a disco. There were also activities planned only for teenagers allowing us to enjoy our “Salad Days”. The first place we visited was Mexico. There, we got off and toured the city and bought souvenirs. I remember that it was incredibly warm their compared to Atlanta during the winter. We stayed at a hotel there and the next day we had a tour guide lead us through the main cultural aspects of the city. Before we left, I bought a sombrero. Next we visited Cuba. Because of the embargo however, we weren’t able to get off their. We did, however, drive by Guantanamo Bay which was quite an interesting experience. I was a little scared because someone told us that if you drive too close then they will sink your boat. Our last stop was in Jamaica. There, we got off and basked at the beach and rented a hotel for the night. I even played soccer with a few of the locals. On the last day, we went snorkeling and then when it was time to leave, we got on the boat and departed for Tampa.
Once I returned home from the cruise, I hung out with my friends for a while. For Christmas Eve we had a big family dinner where we caught up on old times and opened up presents. On Christmas Day, I went to a party. Afterwards, on the 26th I left to go to a soccer tournament in Tampa called the Tampa Sun Bowl. There our team advanced past the round robin stage. However, we were eventually knocked out in the quaterfinals. Overall, it was a fun experience though. We visited the beach a couple of times and went to a few restaurants. Despite the fact that the team was unsuccessful, hanging out with my friends was fun
After I came back from my tournament on the 30th, I was quite tired so I relaxed that day. The next day was New’s Years Eve. I had a couple of friends over at my house later that night.
After New Year’s, I played soccer with a group of friends the following day and spent the rest of my break relaxing before school.

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