Saturday, January 16, 2010

Plan Failed

I feel very ahead of the curve by finishing my blogs today, especially since we have a three-day weekend. :) Okay so I would just like to say again that Requiem was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was pretty close in rank to Fight Club, because I know it’s one of those movies that won’t fade in my memory.
Alright so yesterday my plan was to go to the play. I got in the car, drove there and arrived at 7:15. “Two tickets please.” “Sorry. Sold out”. PLAN FAILED. I was a little disappointed because now I cannot write about it in my blog. :/ So instead of that plan, my friend and I went to Chili’s because our other friend was working there! I ate ribs. It was delicious. After that we ventured off to Super Target! I looked for Requiem of a Dream for about twenty minutes. I thought “this is Target, it has everything, so where is it?!?!” I was about to ask the man in the circle of cameras, but some other guy was like “erm, Requiem? It’s right here.” Thank you anonymous person! After that we walked around and decided to go into the video game section to see if there was anything interesting. Wii games such as Mario Party and Wii fit do get old, even when you play them about once a month. So I see Call of Duty. Honestly, I wanted to know why it is so great. I was tired of hearing “you just don’t understand. You haven’t played it before”. Well, HA! Now I have. It’s decent, but nothing to obsess over… so far? I’m not a huge gamer so probably not. After target I went over to my friend’s house where we watched Requiem and tried Call of Duty. That was pretty much it. Today I woke up at around noon which is a first. I usually get up around eight or nine on the weekends. I hate feeling that a day has been wasted. At around three I went to the mall, which is always a good time waster. There were a lot of older people, which made it not as fun as usual. But what can you do? I have about 124 words left so I guess I better rewind and write about earlier in the week! Oh, I played tennis on Friday too and I won. I’m pretty sure he got mad about it ha-ha.
Julia and Ciara and I all decided to tape someone’s book together. The book was left at the table so, why not? Well, after about two seconds they came back and that was pretty embarrassing. But it was funny, too. Now that I think about it, 500 words aren’t too bad. I much prefer posting to this blog than writing the five page journals. With the journals I had to scrape my mind of everything I could write. But now I don’t ramble as much! Done!

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