Sunday, January 10, 2010

Regular Entry- Callie Corday

Over winter break, I spent New Years in Davis, West Virginia. Davis is a small, one street, town that has absolutely nothing to do. Thankfully, my family had brought enough movies to keep us all entertained for the week and a half. I think we watched at least two movies a night. During the day, the only thing to do is ski. Apparently, Timberline Resort is the number one ski resort of the mid-Atlantic.

My father decided that I was going to help him drive the whole twelve-hour drive to the resort. We all left on a Sunday around three in the afternoon. Our original departure time was ten in the morning. My father is known for his tardiness. Kinsey, my little sister, and I were in my car while my dad drove everyone else. That Sunday, I drove five hours to Greensboro, North Carolina to stay the night at my aunt’s house.

When we arrived at my aunt’s house, I was surprised to see that my aunt was having a party. It was slightly overwhelming since I didn’t know anyone except for her and my cousins. I was quickly introduced to her friends while I stood in line for the buffet table filled with home-cooked entrees. One of my aunt’s friends is a magician. He showed my sister and I several cool tricks and I even learned some of them.

After dinner was finished, my cousin opened a box of old photos. The photos were from when I was around six or so. It was so weird looking through all of these photos because my father looked so different. It was strange for me to see how much my family has changed though. Instead of my mom on this trip, it was my dad’s girlfriend.

The family stopped hanging out around eleven; which meant time for all of us to go to bed. Since my aunt has two cats, my dad and I had to go sleep over at the magician’s house. My dad and I are deathly allergic to cats. I found it strange that I had to sleep at a random guy’s house, but at least I wasn’t alone. My dad and I walked over to the house. I got the guest room and my dad got the couch.

The next day, my family left early to finish the drive to West Virginia. We made it there around seven. It was very dark and there was a snowstorm while I was driving. The house we rented was in an isolated area, causing the streets to not be plowed. Of course, my car gets stuck. We had to push it and eventually we got it unstuck.

The rest of the week, my family skied. I was proud of myself because I have never skied before. I didn’t take any lessons and now I can ski up to blue; the rest of my family skis blacks and double blacks. The slopes had to be closed the last day because it was 47 below freezing and it was a complete whiteout. I think I was prepared for the snow day that we had Friday!

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