Sunday, January 10, 2010

Class Entry

This week we have started a unit in "the body". So far it has had nothing to do with the body and everything to do with a bunch a feminists complaining about how the world goes round. Does that sound bad? If so, go ahead and sue me. Anyways, Reading this sample of rhetoric provoked in me the same feeling a think for many men. They were amusing but there was not very much to take seriously. When you look at their complaints you must then say, " Ok, what do we have to do to change that?". The answer to that question I feel is to totally reprogram our patriarchal society. To do that would be so complicated that to me, I can only see what some of these are complaining about is just that: complaining.
Let me give you a nice example. One of the more amusing pieces that we read was "I Want a Wife". The author writing is a wife and a mother. As she is ironically doing a motherly(read womanly) task(ironing) she decides that she wants a wife and anyone else with half a brain would want a wife too. She then lays out a worst case scenario of a wife who is supporting her husband as he gets more education. But of course that is not the only thing the wife must do. The wife must also manage everything with the children and take care of all their needs. She would also take care of all the house needs and takes care of all of the husbands needs. This wife, of course, must cook and cook well. Not only a cook but a food manager who plans the menu and gets all the groceries and then does all the cleaning after.
The above complaints I believe are legit but they are part of being a wife today. If you don't want to do this it's simple: Change the job or Don't be a wife. The next points of the essay I feel are over the top and out of touch of the majority of marriages. She goes on to say that she would want a wife that doesn't speak about her problems but listens to problems. She wants a wife to manage all of her social needs. To schedule any social ordeals and to manage the guests accordingly. This wife would also satisfy any sexual needs fully and only when the dominant person in the relationship wants it. Also she should remain completely faithful but understand the need for "accessorary women".
After reading this essay I like many guys rejoiced in seeing that someone has put down on paper the perfect woman! But seriously, this is not the normal wife. This is a very extreme case in which I would not blame the wife for getting angry about how much work she must do. But as I said before, how do we solve the issues that you are bringing up? Well, if this fictious woman does not like her present situation she should a). Change her role or b). Stop being a wife. Like I said, the other option is to change society and if that is to happen what would possibly be better than what we have now???

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