Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whatever I Want Entry

Well here it was a great break but were back. Back to school. Back to journals. No no sorry Blogs. How Eco-friendly!!! Whatever...The only difference with the blogs is that now there might be someone really reading this( no probably not) and now I keep a very close eye on the word count. Yes! I've( Davis no contraction! You settle for one word when you could get two???) I have already wasted 74 seventy four word! That is what I call a roll. Well here it goes I guess. I hope no one reads this because they will see that I am obviously trying make all my words count but also they will see how late I do these.'s the thought that counts right?
So as usual I spend a good ten minutes having no idea what to talk about but this time was much different. I have the perfect story to tell. This story is how the last day of '09 solidified itself as the worst.
Ok, so me and the family are all on a ski trip in West Virginia. Snowshoe, West Virginia to be exact. Anyways, one day we decide to go sledding instead of drive all the way up to the mountain. This day begins by spending about three hours rushing around town to find a sled to buy and a place to go sledding. It just so happens that since this is the most snow they have had in ten years every single sled in the town had already been sold. So what do you do in drastic situations? You improvise. For us that meant that you buy plastic tubs and try to use those. Also, during the time of finding that there were no sleds, we found that there was a "good" place to sled. "Good" because it was terrible and it caused us some serious issues to be explained soon. SO, we get to this state forest area and the "sledding place" and it looks like they hid the sledding hill under a Frisbee golf field. Well we confirm that this really was the place for sledding from a traditional WV mountaineer man who had a pick-up truck with a sign that said, " Hillbillies are people too!". If there was a better place, this guy would know about it. So after seeing how much of a failure tubs are for sleds, we decide it's time for dinner. As we are leaving the state forest, our transmission dies. That's right, the transmission. Three cheers for American Cars!!! Anyways, for me that meant first waiting to see if we could get a rental car( we got the guy right before he turned off his phone and it was the last car) and then waiting in McDonald's for an hour while my parents got the rental car and dropped off the dead car. That was all for New Year's Eve but that's not the whole story. The rest of the story was that the rental car we first got would be too small to take us all home so we had to get another rental car to drive home. Also, the car that died is still in WV waiting for her new transmission to show up. Once it's fixed a hired driver we drive it 500 miles down here. Thank God for company cars or else this would be a much bigger mess...

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